Number changes, name changes, trying to get a hold of Wolf De Mçhls is almost like chasing Jason Bourne around the world. When he was crafting sugary, high tempo pop music, he was Ricquo Jones and formatting a head space that was really ahead of its time. Now as Wolf De Mçhls he’s crafting some of the best space for Maxo Kream to sulk, stalk and roll through life lessons without missing as much as a seed. Wolf De Mçhls is a bit of a genius. A partial recluse who enjoys his apartment, his studio, darkness and his own wave but a genius nonetheless.

He released two songs in the past couple of days. “Xanax Zoo” moves at a snail like pace with drum pads clashing with reverb, haunted auto tune and a druggy escape towards appreciation and requited love. “This is for my druggy, used to love me…” Wolf De Mçhls sings on the track. By comparison, “Young & Wild” is a bit lighter though still cavern deep with swamped out drums and vocals. “Swimming through your thoughts, you’re not alone tonight…” Wolf De Mçhls sings on his proverbial love song. The two tracks, part of a collective Wolf De Mçhls calls Maybe, I Was Drunk can be streamed below.