Even if he’s been behind bars for the past two years, Gucci Mane’s release schedule has been moving like a factory. His voice has been heard on street tapes as well as mainstream singles and just last month he released East Atlanta Santa 2 for the holidays. He’s also managed to keep his social media accounts proliferated with updates from his latest stint in Fulton County Jail. But, after both his Instagram & Twitter pages were shuttered, fans wondered if some bigger news was coming.

Well, according to multiple reports, Gucci Mane is set to be coming home in a couple of months, March to be exact. Gwuop’s 1017 Records Instagram page posted a photo of the rapper with the caption, “Guwop gon get out March 2016”. Pigeons & Planes spoke with Sean Paine, Gucci Mane’s go-to guy who confirmed with them that the change in social media was for a reason. Per Paine, the change in Gucci Mane’s accounts occurred because Gucci, “wants to wait until he gets out to build anticipation and resurface everything under the new Gucci brand.”

As his time in jail winds down, we could be getting more spirited releases from Gucci Mane in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.