Since last May, Fifth Ward rapper Haroldlujah’s “Neva Know” has sat with me. Maybe because it landed dead in the middle of Sauce Walka’s very valid campaign against Drake and HAW but mostly because Haroldlujah’s sing-song flow makes him sound like a street choir boy who’s probably seen far too many things in the streets to want to stay there. There are people in the young rapper’s corner though. Even though a co-sign these days is about as iron clad as a head nod in the club, Kevin Gates shares a similar story with Haroldlujah and for all intents, the two may be kindred spirits. So a collaboration could eventually find its way down the pipeline between the two. But until then, there’s “Neva Know” and the promise of what could possibly come.

How 2015 ended up for him was a classic case of the industry attempting to eat its own. He got into a dispute with Atlanta rapper OG Maco on whether or not the “Bitch U Guessed It” rapper completely hijacked “Neva Know” for his own gains. You can tell when hearing Sauce Walka’s “Neva Know” verse that he’s still reeling a bit from the same singing and confession approach that worked on “The Kid That Did”.

Remember Haroldlujah and his “Neva Know” track by hitting play below.