When you hear BJ The Chicago Kid, you know what to expect. A sharp, focused soul singer who sounds as good as a choir on a Sunday but could discuss the ways of the world as if he never stepped foot inside a pew. He’s also not afraid to pay tribute to his idols and inspirations. So what did BJ The Chicago Kid do over the weekend that sent his fan base into a tizzy? He released a short but sweet three track EP covering choice cuts from D’Angelo’s sophomore album Voodoo, which turns sixteen years old this year.

The Windy City crooner stacked his new EP with covers of D’s “Send It On” & “Untitled”, each one doing a damn near perfect mimic of the Virginia singer. Jairus Mozee’s re-invention of the original production sticks straight to your rib with airy keys and warm drums that hang around for a little while. If there’s only one gripe to have about 16 Year Anniversary Of “Untitled”: Salute To D’Angelo? That it’s too short. Who knows what BJ could have done with “Devil’s Pie”? Or “Chicken Grease?” The world may never truly know but we know BJ The Chicago Kid is going to hit those notes as high as he can, in the same key of his VA predecessor.

Stream 16 Year Anniversary Of “Untitled”: Salute To D’Angelo from BJ The Chicago Kid below.