Bee Honey - Dreamy

Most people brought in 2016 by turning up with their friends and/or family. Bee Honey began the New Year by releasing her first full project in two years.

True to her word, at exactly midnight Pacific Time (because she hails from the West Coast) the Houston-by-way-of-L.A. songbird set free her DREAMY album. Preceded by lead singles “TITLE” and “Let It Go,” the twelve-track effort bears appearances from OneHunnidt, Adam Dewalt, Freddy ING, and Mufasa Enzor (who produced the project in its entirety). But unlike Bee Honey’s last project – 2013’s lauded Just Be Cool EP – DREAMY’s features are few and far between, allowing Bee and her voice and range to take center stage.

The common trope in contemporary R&B, is that most artists strive to “recreate” that ’90s R&B feeling. DREAMY does that without even trying to. From the seamless transitions that bridge its interludes to the music (see “Everything” melting into the irresistibly smooth “OuttaSpace”), to the hypnotic “wavy” nature of some tracks (intro “Dreamy”) and the jazz-funk nature of others (“Whirlwind,” on which Bee summons 90s era En Vogue with her harmonizing), this isn’t exactly the same Bee Honey listeners heard tiptoeing in the background of others’ music over the past year. Something is different; in spite of its dreamcatcher cover artwork, DREAMY’s intent isn’t to put people to sleep but to wake them up. DREAMY suggests Bee Honey, the secret weapon of The Numbers Committee and Milky Wayv affiliate, isn’t content to be a secret anymore.

Stream Bee Honey’s DREAMY LP in full down below.