Slim K x The Internet - Ego Death

The Internet’s sophomore album, Ego Death, is going to be on a number of year-end lists. It was even nominated for a Best Contemporary R&B Album R&B Grammy. And it had every right to be – it was easily one of the most solid R&B/soul offerings of 2015.

So, of course the legendary OG Ron C & The Chopstars had to purple it up. And Slim K, aka Mr. Nice & Slow aka It’s Mr. Get Your Girl Knocked Up Not Slopped Up, was just the person to do it.

There’s no clever re-titling of the album this time around. No, Slim K’s Ego Death Chopped Not Slopped focuses instead on adding layers of soul and purple love to The Internet’s soundtrack of smooth. Not that anything was broken and needed to be fixed, but there’s something to be said about how Slim K transforms the best of Ego Death into something even better.

Where the original “Get Away” was a smooth and bouncy affair, Slim K slows it to a simmer so listeners snap their fingers rather than just bop their heads. The Janelle Monae-assisted “Gabby,” goes from being scaled back to being a purple concoction that Prince would smile over proudly. Slim K is even kind enough to separate Ego Death’s two-in-one tracks, so listeners can experience “Palace” – in all of its chopped-not-slopped, slab-ready glory – apart from “Curse.” Styrofoam cups are encouraged, but not provided.

Stream Slim K x The Internet’s Ego Death: Chopped Not Slopped” down below and support the DJ by copping it off Slim K’s bandcamp page here.