Holy unexpected New Years gifts. As if Kendrick Lamar hadn’t done enough in 2015, rap’s most critically acclaimed artist decides to put his thumb on the world and press down until nothing exists except for him with a brand new video, “God Is Gangsta”. The seven minute video for “God Is Gangsta” is a full on exercise in what we loved about Kendrick Lamar in 2015, his explorative nature into life itself, constantly questioning not just himself but the world at large and an absolute heavy amount of visual images to not just throw any fan into spouting off conspiracy theories but especially KDot fans. A mix of the paranoid “u” and conversational “For Sale?” from To Pimp A Butterfly, the “God Is Gangsta” shows off the internal strife that the album expressed. Enjoy the “God Is Gangsta” video below from the guy a lot of people wanted an HBO special from.