When we last left our human rap hero Kyle Hubbard he had just returned from an extended sabbatical in Hot Springs, Ark, miles way from the jut of land that Bill Clinton calls his original stomping grounds. Hubbard had taken all of the joy of recording 2012’s You’re Not That Special and watched it all drift away thanks to a case of writer’s block, a paralyzing feeling that his work was being unheard, unnoticed and his talent forgotten. He ventured to a music spot that was about as far as the eye could see, a no man’s land for music but a virtual El Dorado for everything else Kyle Hubbard needed. Kyle Hubbard needed motivation. He found solace in a once proud hotel in Hot Springs, dubbed “The Majestic”.

Though it had closed in 2006, the old building still stood as a landmark in Hot Springs until it caught fire once Hubbard got there. Impressively, he and The Majestic were one in the same, two monoliths in their respective fields that over time became unappreciated. When Hubbard returned to Houston to record his first proper release since YNTS, he named it after Hot Springs’ most noted hotel.

“I would pass it every single day,” Hubbard told Houston Press
over the weekend. “The concept of something once so grand being reduced to ashes, and people not even caring to clean up the mess — that was an idea I really clung to. I identified with it in a small since, because in 2012 my rap shit was going great, and then people didn’t give a shit anymore and I didn’t know how to handle it. Me and the Majestic were on the same page.”

Luckily, a tagger managed to shoot footage within the once previously gutted hotel and Hubbard decided to marry it with “Notes In A Song”, one of the bigger cuts from Majestic Hotel. It’s two raw moments meeting at the center, with the hotel taking center stage and Hubbard’s raps, yo-yoing between lathered diction and fury providing the soundtrack. It’s closure, not just for the Majestic itself but for Hubbard as well.

“The reason I wanted to do the video is because I feel I’ve reached a point, artistically, where the Majestic Hotel season of my career is coming to an end,” Hubbard told the Press. “That’s not to say I won’t still promote the album and perform the songs, but creatively, I’m closing that chapter. I’m content with what I did with it, but I’m all the way back home in Houston, now. It’s time to tell a new story.”

Hubbard’s Majestic Hotel is available now on iTunes.

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