The Breadwinners decided to deliver a gift to Houston by releasing the Home for Christmas 2 short film to accompany their album of the same name.  

Featuring C. Stone, Dante Higgins, King David, J. Stone on the vocals and starring the gorgeous Rosa Collado, the film shows off how industrious Breadwinners Music Group happens to be. The Home For Christmas 2 album is knee deep in the Christmas spirit as the 8-track affair features all of the Breadwinners including Dante Higgins laying down tracks. Synced up, edited and shot within a two day span, the inside of the operation is extremely industrious at Breadwinner Music Group.  The crew just up and decided to film a short in one day to pair with the project. Far too many talk good game but C. Stone and crew deliver. Filmed and edited by D. Will and King David, watch the Home For Christmas 2 film below and download the album for your holiday cheer.

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