On the 12th day of #12DaysOfDeadpool, Deadpool’s gift to us was — an even more hilarious, ultraviolent trailer for his upcoming 2016 film. If the debut trailer back in August didn’t get you excited and tingly for the first R-rated Marvel film, let the second one offer a bit more backstory for you. Like for example, how Wade Wilson turned into Deadpool and got his regenerative powers, why he’s rightfully pissed and is the best, vilent hero for the job, how Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead factor into the film, his sarcastic wit with T.J. Miller and of course, tons and tons of violence that no Marvel film prior dare wanted to explore.

Deadpool’s currently doing a ton of promo in regards to NBA commercials and breaking the fourth wall. All it means is we’re this close to February 12th when one of comics more foul mouthed oddball heroes (and Ryan Reynolds) gets his just due to remind us that the iteration we got in X-Men Origins: Wolverine never happened.