Chad Happens - H.O.E.L. EP_cover

What would happen if Santa Claus was born and raised in the trap, delivering his presents in a candy-painted open sleigh with his reindeer having spinners for legs? My guess, is Jolly St. Nick would probably be making his rounds with Chad Happens’ H.O.E.L. EP booming through his speakers.

Who is Chad Happens, exactly? That depends on who you know. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Chad Happens is a multi-faceted comedian-slash-artist, whose brand – “It Happens” – inspired a bevy of Facebook video parodies. He’s done stand-up comedy, as well, and even a brief podcast series. If you’re from Houston, then you’re aware Chad Happens associates with a little man with a big falsetto known as LeeLonn.

The H.O.E.L. EP is Chad Happens’ first musical project, a four-track Christmas-themed outing that aims to make this Christmas codeine-driven. Produced entirely by Chad himself, H.O.E.L. obviously is inspired by trap music. Shades of Metro Boomin lurk in the synths and tinkling sleigh bells on “Sleigh”; and “Winter Wonder (Trappin’)” might as well be the “’tis the season” version of Drake’s “Trophies,” right down to its Hit-Boy-esque orchestral instrumentation.

On the rhymes themselves, Chad Happens sort of becomes a mix of Future Happens and Young Chad Thug, while still maintaining a humor throughout. Outro track “Ain’t No Chrimuh Bih” is the best example of this. The three-minute track targets those on Santa’s Naughty List, giving them a diss track as opposed to a stocking full of coal, with Happens stating plainly on the hook, “Ain’t no Chrimmuh, bih/ you been bad, I don’t care – you ain’t gettin’ shit!” Hopefully, this is just the first of many music parody projects to come from Chad Happens, because, being honest? H.O.E.L. is the soundtrack for Hood Santas everywhere.

Stream Chad Happens’ H.O.E.L. EP down below.