Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones could sing about anything unapologetically black and I would be happy. They could sing about not having money for Christmas but you still find a way to get your son or daughter a gift and my soul would sing with them. They could take something like “P.O.P (Hold It Down)” and turn it into a hymn, a rally cry for all of us who may claim to be legally blind to beat charges of something we obviously did. Point is, Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones may very well be the blackest group in American music history. Blacker than Public Enemy, blacker than N.W.A, blacker than the grease spot Jermaine Jackson leaves on any couch he sits on.

On Monday, Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones (because you have to say the whole thing together like A Tribe Called Quest) released their rendition of 2 Chainz’ “Watch Out”, a gospel trap moment that not only inspires the richest of us spiritually, it probably should be the last song President Obama plays as he exits The White House in 2017. It may not be their greatest rendition of a song ever, but you still have to wonder a few things about the video itself.

    Why is somebody hand washing a plastic cup?
    Is dabbing Santa the best Christmas sweater available? Did it beat out Drake’s “Hotline Bling” one?
    Could Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones sing about automatic bill pay draining my funds and then probably telling me that it’s going to be OK? (Yes.)

There’s more to be asked of course but the fruit of the matter is that Anthony Hamilton and his merry singers have pretty much cornered the market on viral videos that touch the soul with a little bit of sangin’. That’s why I’ve devised a tracklist of the future trap gospel album that the Hamiltones need to create. Not just for you, not just for me, but for the world. And go buy Anthony’s new Christmas album while you’re at it.

01. “P.O.P (Hold It Dine)”
02. “Pipe It Up”
03. “Watch Out”
04. “Hotline Bling”
05. “Never Gon Lose”
06. “Real Sisters”