The marriage between hip-hop and pro wrestling has been a long one and no one in hip-hop may sport the ring proudly than Wale. The MMG rapper has spent most of the year at wrestling events all over the country from PWG to WrestleMania to Night of Champions here in Houston. He’s made no qualms about dropping a lot of bars in particular to wrestling figures as he’s paid tribute to the likes of Scott Hall (“Bad Guy”) but now he’s paying tribute to someone who may by all accounts be the best wrestler in the world, male or female.

We’ve sung the praises of Sasha Banks on plenty occasions and now leave it to one of the more vocal individuals who may be both inside and outside sports entertainment to do it as well. Wale’s decided to remix Sasha Banks’ “Legit Boss” theme, complete with a tweak thanks to Pro Reese and Wale doing just as he did for Washington Nationals MVP Bryce Harper — craft a tribute in honor of Team B.A.D’s most popular and underutilized member, the only “Legit Boss” in the WWE, Sasha Banks.

Stream “Legit Boss” from Wale below.