BeatKing’s “Heavy On A Check” video features more money and gun shell filters than any Instagram video you’ll ever see. With good reason actually. BeatKing took his talents up to Dallas to kick it with his D-Town cousin in G.U.N and Rizzoo Rizzoo for the “Heavy On A Check” video with a guest appearance from none other than Waka Flocka Flame. So what’s great about the video if it features all three individuals and its mostly a ton of crew shows tied together? The fact that people immediately know to move from the moment the beat drops. Such as shame BeatKing and company couldn’t reenact Trunks coming back to Earth to destroy King Cold and Frieza but it is what it is. Watch the “Heavy On A Check” video below.

As a bonus, G.U.N has pretty much adopted the same type of restless worth ethic that BeatKing has. His 40rty EP comes weeks after his last project, First Day which dropped back in November. The 5-track 40rty EP is hosted by DJ Situation and features Yung Gleesh and more. You can stream that in full below.