Jay-Von - Dipset Anthem Freestyle

If you’re going to cover the Diplomats, you’d better come correct.

For months now, Missouri City’s own Jay-Von has gotten in a rhythm of dropping a Friday Night Freestyle. He’s tackled Biggie. He’s taken on Chamillionaire and Paul Wall. He’s tried to be the Mo. City version of Black Rob. Most recently, he channeled the Clipse. But this Friday, Vonzilla is going full pink chinchilla.

Jay-Von opts to choose Cam’ron and The Diplomats’ “Dipset Anthem,” the timeless cut from 2003’s Diplomatic Immunity, as his target this week. As always, the trusty DJ MoSama handles production, putting his own twist on The Heatmakerz’s unforgettable instrumental and letting the beat flourish on its own for the track’s final thirty seconds. The alliteration is at a high and the references are at their best for two-and-a-half minutes, with Jay-Von shouting out Jasper, Texas, remaining ever critical of his company and even comparing himself to one James Todd Smith “back in ’88.”

Check out Jay-Von’s “Dipset Anthem (Freestyle)” down below. Jay-Von’s Fuck A Title EP is coming soon.