Jansport J - expand+exist f. Melat

True story: I didn’t know Jansport J did music, too.

The Covina, California beatmaker’s production has lurked in the background of some of your favorite artists, most recently associated with up-and-coming Austinite songbird Melát and rapper El Prez. But Jansport J does his own thing, as well. Case in point – he’s planning to release an album (his second, following The Sole Provider back in 2014) next year, entitled blackwhitegoldville.

“[blackwhitegoldville] represents the personal growth of Jansport J over the last two years… spent mostly in solitude,” the producer-musician says of the LP. “The album creates a soundscape to his dealings with all aspects of his life… his resolution in moving forward from the darkness. The colors black and white symbolize the classic aesthetic, gold, a standard bearer – reinforcing the idea of forever and representing a metaphysical presence in a state of mind.”

Jansport J released blackwhitegoldville‘s first single, “expand+exist” featuring Melát, earlier this week. The smooth cut opens up with bouncy, jazz-esque instrumentation for Melát’s vocals to take center stage, before the beat flips not once but twice (the tribal groove that kicks in at the 1:09 mark is legendary). Jansport J demonstrates some incredible production range over the course of “expand+exist,” and its run length seems almost criminally short. Not bad for the first taste of an album that plans to include tracks named “baltimorefergusonUSA,” “a tribe called pharaoh/souldela,” and “br(ake) my heart.”

Stream Jansport J and Melat’s “expand+exist” single down below. “expand+exist” appears on the producer-musician’s upcoming blackwhitegoldville LP, slated to release on January 11, 2016; though you can pre-order the album now on Bandcamp.