Long ago, IB3 was one of Houston’s best kept secrets, a Third Ward spitter who spent plenty of nights cutting her teeth performing and keeping people aware. Then, in a shroud similar to coak and dagger tactics, most of her material from Music World Entertainment, Matthew Knowles’ home was scrubbed with only press clippings from Houston related media tying the two together. Now she’s officially signed to Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment label, the culmination of staying true to family faith and believing in her own talents.

“It’s probably the most amazing secret I’ve ever had to keep in my life,” she told The FADER yesterday while at Parkwood’s boardroom. “Beyonce’s seen me grow, she knows that I’ve always been this person it just needed to be embraced. She understands the value of really embracing people for who they are. She’s been allowed to be herself, and I can only hope that I can stay true to myself the way she’s stayed true to herself.”

Ingrid’s first release since announcing her signing to Parkwood comes in the form of “Double Pedigree,” an in-your-face declarative anthem about wanting to keep role models like Michelle Obama, appreciating not only her black skin but also the women’s she’s starting to become. The chorus rattles off in a stop and pause, “I can do anything better” before she leads the second verse, “Damn it feel good to be black.”

“It’s one of my favorite tracks because its so slow, and it’s a song I know everyone can hear every last thing I’m saying,” she told The FADER. “I’m into embracing who I am and the skin I’m in. I grew up kind of the peculiar, awkward girl, people always want to place labels on me. I’m a grown woman, I like what I like. I’m Ingrid.”

Stream “Double Pedigree” from Ingrid below. The Third Ward rapper has been keeping a catalogue of unreleased music and plans to release it in the upcoming year.