The second half of 2015 has not been kind to Meek Mill, not in the professional sense and definitely not in the far more important one – the legal sense. After spending the last two weeks in court trying to convince a Philadelphia judge that he didn’t violate his probation,  the judge ruled against Meek, stating that a false urine sample turned in during a meeting with his probation officer broke the rules of his probation term. He also disobeyed travel restrictions.

Meek’s set to be sentenced on February 5th. It’s currently unknown what length of a punishment Meek could face for violating his probation terms. The Philadelphia rapper testified on his behalf earlier Thursday, stating he no longer wanted to be known as a criminal or a gangster.

The judge also levied that Meek’s travel restrictions are still in place and that he couldn’t perform until next year, even if the concert was in his native Philly. Last week, Meek’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj testified on his behalf stating that the two were getting married and that she would help him with his probation. 
Further details about Meek’s case were not provided.