Back in October, we were led into Ye Ali’s world via “Thigh Kisser”, a track among many he had previously uploaded and deleted to Soundcloud, only for said songs to blow up. His Soundcloud page at the moment is littered with older material that’s now celebrated and Ye Ali’s hoping it all pays off with the release of his new EP, Private Suite. Before then, there’s the video for “Late Night Flex” that need be discussed.

The Hip Hop Wired premiered clip for “Late Night Flex” features Ye Ali caught up in the same stumble and wonder of any millennial post drinking and debauchery with friends. He knows how powerful his finesse is but he’s reluctant to use all of it because like anybody with a great power, there’s a bit of responsibility that comes with it. Plus, we’re talking about a mansion party here that could only occur in your wildest dreams. Check the “Late Night Flex” video below.