Ever since September, the WWE’s ratings have been in a rather steep decline. We’re talking a decline to a ratings period not seen since 1997. Record low viewership in the 3-hour era has caused the WWE to even question how to change RAW, with COO Triple H unsure himself how to pick the ratings back up. Injuries and the absence of one John Cena may be the blame, not to mention asinine booking but when the Chairman of the Board shows up, things happen. And they happen in a very big way.

The Return of Vince episode of RAW this past Monday was a big one compared to what the company’s been receiving since Summerslam. Pocketing a 2.66 ratings bump, it’s about as high a number the company’s seen since August. RAW brought in 3.88 million viewers Monday, up from last week’s 3.05 million, a 27 percent up tick. They’re also up nearly 30 percent in the highly coveted 18-49 demographic from 1.04 to Monday night’s 1.34.

Let it be a lesson folks, Vince McMahon when pressured into a corner is going to go with all guns blazing in order to save the company that made him a billionaire twice over. Or maybe he’ll issue a mandate to the twenty-eight writers on staff to stop nonsensical 50/50 booking every show or rudimentary plot points. Maybe. Possibly.

Here’s a ratings breakdown by hour.

Hour 1: 4.04 million viewers (3.27 million last week)
Hour 2: 3.79 million viewers (3.04 million last week)
Hour 3: 3.83 million viewers (2.85 million last week)

They brought in 3.88 million viewers, up from last week’s 3.05 million viewers, for a 27 percent increase. They’re also up 29 percent in the 18–49 demo, to 1.34 from 1.04.