The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose. The only thing greater, is being chosen.

When Melanie Fiona first revealed her pregnancy to the world back in October, she used the above quote on her Instagram before gushing about her blessing. That quote appears again at the start of the music video for “I Want It All,” the latest single from the Canadian-born singer and perhaps one of her most vulnerable songs ever.

Fiona co-directs the video with Kawai Matthews, keeping “I Want It All” simple and depicting herself standing alone, practically glowing against the grey background and cradling her baby bump. If previous single “I Tried” was about taking a stand, then “I Want It All” is about believing in yourself in spite of the challenges and the critics. Her lovely voice bounces over Dre Harris’s scaled-back production and a thundering piano, calling out doubters and insisting that she welcomes everything and anything in the name of living life to fullest. “I’ve never been one to follow rules – there is no limit to what I can do,” Fiona croons powerfully, and there’s no doubt that the four-minute track may be a wake-up call for many.

Watch the video for Melanie Fiona’s “I Want It All” up top. Melanie Fiona’s third studio album AWAKE is slated to arrive in 2016.