Ask a certain segment of Houstonians and they’ll tell you that the Northside may feel like an entirely different world. If you’re AC Gutta & Tony Del Freshco, you like it this way. Because you can say the Northside is your own little world where you can ride in cocaine white Jeeps with the homies for an outdoor kickback. “Roll With The Crew” to my knowledge, is the latest release from The Cool Table, the Northside collective that has managed to always lurk around the ether that is Houston hip-hop and plot for their impending rise.

AC Gutta’s done plenty to display his knack for being an individual with his on style and Tony Del Freshco has made his bones being a retro historian of Nintendo games while being modern about his own identity and freshness. So, the whole gang is together for “Roll With The Crew”, complete with barbecue, ladies getting pushed to the side for Cool Table Camaraderie and more. Watch the “Roll With The Crew” video below. AC Gutta’s The Ones EP is coming soon.