In the Spring is where I first met Peyton of The Milky Wayv. Well, not exactly “met” in the literal sense but met in the sense of touch, of emotion and broad ideas. The 18-year-old flower child made her bones on The Best a mixtape You Ever Heard as a young woman echoing the sentiments of love. They were harmless, almost cherry moments where the idea of heartbreak was about as foreign as you can get. Now Peyton is stretching not only her but Bobby Earth’s sound even more with the first outside of The Milky Wayv EP, Roller Coaster.

Peyton is overly excited about getting on the ride when it comes to “Aerial,” the EP’s opening song. Riding a sample of Minnie Ripperton’s “Inside My Love,” Peyton’s rather low, conversational vocal range lays down rather simply talks of butterflies and anticipation. That’s the discovery behind Roller Coaster. As Bobby Earth continues to make creations and beats that would make The Internet rather proud, he uses Peyton as a muse to discuss love and intimacy with the sort of longing of a long distance love affair wanting to be close. It’s effortless to discuss happiness, it’s even more when you’re oblivious to what could bring you down.

The full Roller Coaster EP is produced by Bobby Earth aside from “Clouds” which is produced by Chase of Nazareth and “River” which is co-produced by Peyton herself and Brandon Willis. The lone guest feature on The Milky Wayv’s vocalist debut comes in the form of Steve Lacy on the lusty groove, “Tell Me”. Stream Peyton’s Roller Coaster below and watch the video for “Aerial” as well.