Perhaps Chris Brown’s performing his recent single “Back to Sleep” at last week’s “Terrence & Taraji’s White Hot Holiday” Christmas special on FOX wasn’t the best idea. After all, it wasn’t exactly a Christmas song (though Brown did well to segue into his cover of “This Christmas” shortly after).

Not that it needed to be redeemed, but it’s fitting that Brown would opt to give “Back to Sleep” an official set of visuals following his performance, on the Monday of the very week his upcoming ROYALTY LP releases.

Continuing the mini-movie motif that Chris Brown started with his “Liquor/Zero” visuals and then “Fine By Me,” “Back to Sleep’s” music video has Brown seeking out the “girl” who had been on his mind the whole time. He asks her if can “come over”; and while it’s implied that Chris is just seeking her out to lay low, his girlfriend has on lingerie and the candles clearly has another kind of “laying” in mind. The scenes to come aren’t entirely NSFW, but they do show Chris and his eye candy at play on the sofa and in the shower.

Chris Brown’s ROYALTY album, on which “Back to Sleep” appears, arrives online and in stores September 18th, though you can pre-order the album now on iTunes.