Serena Williams is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. This doesn’t need to be stated loudly but it need be known for emphasis. The most decorated tennis player of the modern era, the most dominant female athlete ever, is Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year.

Williams victory makes her the first woman to win the award solo since 1983 and fourth woman to win the award overall.

We don’t need to run through all of Serena’s 2015 but here’s a quick reminder. She won the first three Grand Slams of the Year and was two matches short of completing the Calendar Grand Slam at the U.S. Open. It literally took one of the most out of your mind performances from Roberta Vinci to beat Serena. Williams may have lost, but she’s done something in her 30s that no other tennis player before her has done — she’s gotten better, and even more dominant than she was in her 20s.

And like any Serena Williams victory on any level, they mad. And by “they”, I mean the public who dislike Serena Williams for the same reasons they hate Cam Newton of the Panthers. They visibly celebrate. They roar, they scream and they’re unapologetic about their talents. They know they’re not supposed to be here, in their particular positions as a black girl from Compton, California and a black man from Atlanta, Georgia. But they’re doing it their way — and haters are saltier than a Lawry’s factory about it.

As American a story Serena Williams, and in particular the Williams Sisters is, they don’t get the tag of being an American success story. Nope, Serena gets critiqued for her physical appearance, how she looks more powerful and defined than the waifs she has to compete against. Serena gets critiqued for being an outlier, on more levels than the surface one of being a black woman. And people will have to stay mad about it.

If you read parts of the Internet today, you’ll hear about American Pharoah not winning an award. You’ll hear that a horse, a horse should take an award that has been meant for mammal on two legs. You’ll probably roll your eyes and wait for said horse to go back to his fillies and his sugar cubes and not check his Twitter account where he might get hit with a Michael Jordan cry face.

Stay mad then people. Serena Williams, and Black Girl Magic are on the throne today. And you’ll deal.