Along with a debut performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Chance the Rapper’s “Somewhere In Paradise” continues a small tradition. That tradition? Chicago doing it for themselves and succeeding regardless. “Somewhere In Paradise” is another ripping affair with Chance getting assists from two of Chicago’s favorite singers not named BJ in R. Kelly & Jeremih. The Social Experiment & Purity Ring’s Corin Roddick handle co-production here and you would think all those cooks in the kitchen would make for a bit of disjointedness when it comes to the track. Yet, “Somewhere In Paradise” works all because of Chance’s continuance to make records for the youth. Jumping, cheery, vibrant music with clever raps and a generational appeal.

Watch both the performance of “Somewhere In Paradise”, minus R. Kelly as well as a performance of “Sunday Candy” with The Social Experiment and singer Jamila Woods below.