When in Austin, you’re bound to not only find plenty of things to do around the Texas state capital, you’re bound to find plenty of beautiful women. That’s such the case for JunioR, one of the city’s more popular emcees and still possibly one of the city’s more underrated acts. Him and Jonathas are brothers in arms on that front, two men from the more overlooked areas when it comes to musical legacy, especially in hip-hop & R&B. The duo link together for “Doin,” an ode to the flirtatious ways of women and how some men, no matter how strong their confidence may be are susceptible to falling for it.

The Dang Films directed video for “Doin” finds JunioR and Jonathas on a college campus hanging before next thing you know, a group of women walk by. In traditional mack fashion, JunioR lays game down while Jonathas plays a proper wingman for him. Think the inverse of D’Angelo & Method Man’s “Break Ups 2 Make Ups” as the crooner makes sure everything stays in check and no interference is ran while JunioR seizes the prize. Watch the video for “Doin” from JunioR and Jonathas below.