Alyxx Dione - Gang of Roses

2015 was easily the biggest year for Alyxx Dione’s career thus far. Although the Los Angeles songbird has yet to release a full EP or album in recent years, she hasn’t exactly needed to. Dione re-energized her base of fans – The Alyance – after dropping her major debut radio single, the Jason Derulo-assisted “Chingalinga” this past Spring; and looks to finish the year on an even higher note with her latest track, “Gang of Roses.”

Don’t worry – “Gang of Roses” isn’t about the Lisa Raye direct-to-DVD urban western. It’s Alyxx Dione’s own creation, penned by Alyxx herself and The Frontrunnaz. She enlists The Droidzzz for production, giving “Gang of Roses” military-march-style drums, a looping beat, and a gun cocked on the hook. For three-and-a-half minutes, Dione is sassy, rebellious, and just straight-up fed-up; opening “Gang of Roses” with the lines, “You want the truth?/ Here’s the truth – I ain’t giving in to you!” makes that obvious. Her cooing on the hook play a contrast to her biting lyrics in the verses themselves, but “Gang of Roses” is infectious as much as it is vicious.

Stream Alyxx Dione’s “Gang of Roses” single down below and grab it now on iTunes.