Scott Weiland, the former frontman for the hugely influential alternative rock Stone Temple Pilots band died on Thursday night. He was 48. Weiland, who had battled substance abuse for years was found dead in his sleep on his tour bus according to an Instagram post on his page. According to TMZ, Weiland was found on the bus around 9PM, just as his touring band, The Wildabouts were scheduled to perform in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Weiland was known most notably as the leader of Stone Temple Pilots, a San Diego based rock band whose popularity came during rock’s grunge era. Though having no actual ties to Seattle bands such as Nirvana or Pearl Jam, the band formerly known as Mighty Joe Young released their debut album Core in 1992, eventually selling over 8 million copies. Critics immediately called the group label-created imitators of grunge, especially after their breakthrough single “Plush” made people immediately think it was a Pearl Jam song. Nevertheless, Weiland was starting to round into form vocally as his richness won people over.

After selling six million copies of their sophomore album Purple and having yet another alt-breakthrough with “Vasoline”, the band started dabbling in gothic sounds, especially on 1996’s Tiny Music… to results that, albeit successful charting and sales wise, couldn’t match the importance or magnitude of their two earlier albums. During this time period, Weiland developed an addiction to drugs that would plague him for the rest of his life, even after he left the band following a fight with guitarist Dean DeLeo in 2002. He soon joined with ex-Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Soroum to form the supergroup Velvet Revolver, whose 2004 album Contraband not only sold 2 million copies, it felt like a breath of fresh air to an era in rock dominated by nü-metal and the early emergence of My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

Still, Weiland’s demons and constant fighting with Stone Temple Pilots persisted for the rest of the decade. Even after Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington left as the lead for STP earlier this year, it was believed that Weiland, after being terminated from the band in the early 2010s would return. It never materialized. Watch Weiland’s brillance in the “Plush” & “Vasoline” videos below.