Of all the tracks on Raven Sorvino’s Queen of HeArtz EP back in 2013, “40z N Strippaz” always did seem like the one with the most potential. Propelled forward by a strip club-ready beat courtesy of WoodysProduce, Raven’s raps about balling out, being pleased by her man, and, of course, tipping the dancers, were hypnotic. And the song was catchy enough to inspire an actual PARTY in Sorvino’s current place of residence of Los Angeles.

The Houston-to-Leimert emcee is putting the finishing touches on her all-woman-featured EP, Pretty Pink, but Sorvino decided to revisit “40z N Strippaz” by dropping a new set of visuals for the track last night. The video drops, fittingly, on the advent of Miami’s Art Basel weekend, which Raven will be attending.

“40z N Strippaz’s” music video doesn’t include much twerking, however. Instead, it’s a fully animated affair, courtesy of director Jason Chambers The Visual Perception. Using psychedelic colors, 3D-rendered naked women, drawn sketches of strippers, animated eyeballs, and art clippings of Colt 45 and pictures of Raven Sorvino, Chambers makes “40z N Strippaz” a very trippy visual experience.

Watch the video for Raven Sorvino’s “40z N Strippaz” track up top. Raven Sorvino’s Pretty Pink EP, by the way, is slated to release mid-December.