KING - KING-cover

You can’t rush greatness. D’Angelo taught us that a year ago.

Though nearly five years have passed since their debut EP, the short but extremely sweet The Story, R&B group KING has not once been forgotten. To their credit, the group – composed of twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother and Anita Bias – never stopped working. And the three songs that made up The Story withstood the test of time. But it’s always a lesson in patience waiting for good music to return.

The wait is finally over. Last night, the group formally set the release date for their long-awaited debut LP, entitled We Are KING, for next February. KING also unveiled a new single, “The Greatest,” the first new music from the trio since last year’s “Mister Chameleon.”

Part homage to Muhammad Ali and part anthem, “The Greatest” manages to hide motivation within a neo-soul groove. Its smooth beat, a mix of island rhythm and ’80s R&B instrumentation, plays the perfect background for KING to encourage and empower. “There’s just one way to go, and someone’s gotta fall,” the trio sings, “It won’t be me, no.”

Stream KING’s “The Greatest” single and peep the tracklisting for the trio’s debut album, We Are KING, down below. We Are KING releases February 5, 2016, though you can pre-order the album now on iTunes and get an instant download of “The Greatest.”

We Are KING Tracklist
1. The Right One
2. The Greatest
3. Red Eye
4. Supernatural (Extended Mix)
5. Love Song
6. In The Meantime
7. Carry On
8. Mister Chameleon
9. Hey (Extended Mix)
10. Oh, Please!
11. The Story (Extended Mix)
12. Native Land