Last year, Red Bull produced their 20 for 15 series, a collection of tracks that set up as a prelude to what the new year would bring. The most memorable of those 20 cuts last year? D’Angelo’s “Sugah Daddy” which of course was a set up to getting Black Messiah. This year, they’re at it again with 20 for 16 and the second track is Gallant going so far spooky and frightening on “Borderline” that he masks the fact that James Fauntleroy is even on the track.

Gallant, at all of 21 knows how to stretch his voice into rather huge octaves and massive waves. Even if the tone to the unknown may give off Usher vibes, the Maryland to Los Angeles singer at least knows how to convey certain emotions into big, huge tracks. Fauntleroy and his string acoustics handle production on “Borderline” and if you want to stream the collaboration between the two, head here as there are only a select number of downloads remaining.