Even if Marvel decided to drop a big weapon last week courtesy of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, DC still has Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and they still have more than four months to convince the general public that they’ve got their first post-Dark Knight Trilogy movement underway.

The full three minute trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice premiered on Kimmel earlier tonight and it features a lot more action, a lot more exposition between Supes, Batman & Lex Luthor. At least now we get to see Lex as far more villainy and the resurrection of Michael Shannon’s General Zod as some Doomsday type of creation. Oh and Gal Gadot shows up as Wonder Woman at the end of the trailer to really drive everything home? Got it? Well DC Comics is hoping you do. Catch the latest and biggest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer yet. The film opens in theaters next March.