The worst thing about Donnie Houston not being in Houston anymore? That he won’t be around to openly do Soul Brother production stuff as well as be on the scene, offering sage advice to some of the younger Houston acts who need solid, soulful production. The best thing about Donnie Houston not being in Houston and making his home in Atlanta? He no longer has to adhere to the idea of being a Houston based producer. He’s now a producer, whose most notable sound is something that a lot of people in the city either overlook or care nothing about. They want the trap, Donnie makes the soul and then some. Hell, he just made something rather magical with a little help from Nipsey Hussle.

Now, Neighborhood Nip and Donnie Houston may have never met but I’ve bet on numerous occasions that Donnie’s production can end up married with anybody and sound good. Donnie Hussle takes five acapella Nipsey tracks and over the course of 20-minutes, Donnie Houston crafts something new out of it. You know “Checc Me Out”, you know “U See Us” and “No N*gga Like Me”. Left in the hands of Donnie Houston however, Nip sounds energized, damn near majestic even. You can catch Donnie Hussle below and take in something Donnie only took three days out of his busy life to create.