It may have been two years ago but thank Peachez for introducing me to EarthGang, the Atlanta rap group who cleverly released Shallow Graves For Toys and kept the momentum going as a duo, collective and motherf*cking crew. What made people fall in love initially with EarthGang was how in a land full of rap weirdos from Atlanta who held their favorite discussions inside trap houses and the constant chase of currency was that they differed. If everybody was either left or right, EarthGang was dead center, taking bits of everything that Atlanta gave them, from the humidity to the women to their eclectic thought patterns on life itself.

If Shallow Graves For Toys splayed itself in biting jokes and commentary on race and other items of the moment, EarthGang stepped it up even further with their latest album, Strays With Rabies. Considering that the album’s been out for all of three weeks, its a stellar trip inside the minds of a rap duo who still for all intents and purposes enjoy the aspect of being a duo. They, like a ton of other artists who have found themselves are chasing freedom and by God is Strays With Rabies a fun, introspective journey. You can stream that below. In the interm, check the video for “Liquor Store” from EarthGang up top and check them on a few dates for Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM tour.

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