What was billed as celebrating a quarter-century of The Undertaker turned into a tearful, sullen reality for WWE fans Sunday night. No, Roman Reigns did not hit the PPV credits with the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Instead, he got hit with the same sort of “cry in your own confetti” ploy that hit Daniel Bryan three Summerslams ago.

Yes, Sheamus and all of his milquetoast powers cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Yes, the entire IWC saw it as it was more telegraphed than any retirement match the company’s put on. It was more telegraphed than Jake “The Snake” Roberts and The Undertaker ruining “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s wedding to Miss Elizabeth. More telegraphed than Hulk Hogan saying brother and meaning something else.

The WWE Title picture is murky, even if we just had a tournament that highlighted some of the best “wrestling with a purpose” that the company has had in months. Sheamus is now top dog and has Ambrose and Reigns (again) following him. Kevin Owens can go back to being king workrate with the IC Title and pray (and pray) that it means Neville or somebody of his ilk can challenge. Alberto Del Rio, cashing checks in the face of xenophobia is holding on to the U.S. Title until John Cena finishes up a reality TV show and still, The New Day is the most entertaining thing on television.

Survivor Series once more reaffirmed the fact that Bray Wyatt as an entity, a label, a supernatural cajun preacher and cult leader is pretty much buried and done. Whatever juice he had after beating down The Undertaker and Kane in consecutive nights post Hell In A Cell is gone. He’s not believable nor credible as a threat to anyone and he’s just stuck as a great midcarder with a killer entrance. Such a shame too.

It almost feels as if every injury hitting the WWE roster forces the company to push their hand even more in a different direction. What a rather lame and uninterested crowd for most of the night showed that Reigns is moving into that lazy and quite offensively stale John Cena model, or worse — 1994 era Lex Luger. What always worked for Reigns in the beginning was that he was the muscle for a group of mercenaries. If you’re building him to be anywhere near his cousin The Rock, then you need a jolt of personality and it’s not going to happen as Samoan Thor, fighting champion of principle.

Then again, every time I count the WWE out, they pull something out of their asses to make us all look like fools for doubting them.

WWE WHC Semi-Final Match: Roman Reigns def. Alberto Del Rio
WWE WHC Semi-Final Match: Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens
The Lucha Dragons, The Usos & Ryback def. The New Day, Sheamus & King Barrett (Kalisto, Jey Uso & Ryback are the sole survivors)
Charlotte def. Paige (Charlotte retains the Divas Championship)
Tyler Breeze def. Dolph Ziggler
The Brothers of Destruction def. The Wyatt Family
WWE WHC Finals Match: Roman Reigns def. Dean Ambrose (Reigns wins the WWE World Heayvweight Title)
Money In The Bank Cash-In: Sheamus def. Roman Reigns (Sheamus wins the WWE World Heayvweight Title)