Blowhard and insensitive presidential candidate Donald Trump once again is in the news this weekend, not because of a speech but because of his views on a certain segment of the country’s population.

Trump used his Sunday to not watch NFL Football or even figure out how Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t have a key to the city of New York. Instead, Trump continued to be the voice of a spectacular base of individuals who are so far right that they can’t even see the center by retweeting an image of crime statistics that showed wildly disproprortioate figures in crimes committed by African-Americans compared to whites.

The only problem with Trump’s probably straight off of Facebook image? It comes from a database that doesn’t exist. A database that doesn’t exist that apparently already has a full glimpse into 2015 even though it’s only November 22nd. Here’s the image in question.

Things To Note: Aside from the fact we’re dealing with the most stereotypical look at a black criminal (sideways gun, bandana), all of the “statistics” here add up to 100%, which you know — is the magic number when you want to make something sound smart. Only problem with that particular number is that we’ve already noticed work done by the Washington Post that cites more than 1% of black people in 2015 had died at the hands of the police. The actual number? 25% as 223 of the 873 people killed by police in 2015 have been black.

The Data Aside from being wrong as all wrong can be, the 2014 data from the FBI shows that 82% of homicides on white people are committed by other white people. 89% of homicides committed by black people are on other black people. Black offenders account for 14 percent of white homicides and 7 percent of white offenders account for black homicides. Also, it infers that white criminals apparently have decided not to kill their fellow Caucasian man in a record switch, as if Donald Trump running for President is the reason for an unbelievable 66 percent drop in white on white crime.

Look, we get that Donald Trump is a rather dumb, racist, Islam-phobic, anti-black presidential candidate who suggested yesterday at a rally for him in Birmingham that a Black Lives Matter protestor “deserved to get roughed up” at the hands of his fans. We just know that he’s capitalizing on the gullibility of racist conservatives to win over a base. And he’s unashamed in even coding it.