Jay Von - Growin Up in The Hood (Freestyle)

Having pushed his #FridayNightFreestyle campaign ahead of schedule in lieu of his birthday last week, Jay-Von gets back to business as usual this week. The rapper is back to Friday night releases and digs way deep in the crates for his latest victim.

It’s Compton’s Most Wanted’s standout cut from the Boyz N The Hood soundtrack, “Growin’ Up in the Hood,” that finds itself in Jay-Von’s crosshairs this Friday night. But whereas that track was about life in Compton back in 1991, Vonzilla’s version sets up shop in Mo. City in the early 2000s.

With DJ Mosama on hand to breathe life into the beat once again, “Growin’ Up” is a walk through Mr. Von’s native neighborhood. The emcee’s flow is not as vicious as it was on previous releases – see “Can’t You See” – as Jay-Von instead uses a conversational, storyteller style. He details vivid memories, childhood heroes, family drama, and more. But perhaps nothing is more intense than Jay-Von recreating hunting down somebody in the ‘hood: he literally stops the track to bark out, as though he’s in the car with his homies, “There he go right there – hit the lights, n*gga!”

Stream Jay-Von’s “Growin’ Up in the Hood (Freestyle)” for yourself down below. Jay-Von’s Fuck a Title EP is on the way.