To be Mary then, you have to be Mary now. Three years ago, BeMyFiasco got the idea to rework Mary J. Blige’s “All That I Can Say”; and without necessarily dancing like Aunt Mary at a cookout, the Dallas native coos and vibes on “Secret Love Affair.” Being a fool for love is tough but after being inspired watching the constant back and forth between Fitz & Olivia from Scandal, BeMyFiasco had no choice. The influence of their “will they, won’t they” is very obvious in the track, as BeMyFiasco sings repeatedly, “I’m in love with you, in my mind.”

Being from Dallas, you’d expect BeMyFiasco to get taunted with plenty of “cover Erykah Badu” requests, but like most artists, you have to respect when they take calculated risks. After February’s “Monday Morning Blues,” the constantly tinkering Fiasco seems to have finally found either a groove or an approach that suits her. Her currently untitled sophomore project and follow-up to her breakthrough Solitude, is set to be released in February. Stream “Secret Love Affair” below.