This past Saturday, Houston artist FreddyING released his latest project #NoDaysOff via Diamond Island Music Group. Each track focuses on a specific weekday and was released throughout the week on the corresponding day with a simple yet strong message; every day is important.

With production from J-Louis, Siru and Esta, #NoDaysOff utilizes hard-hitting, catchy beats with well-timed auto-tone and soulful singing to convey FreddyING’s message with a sound that you can ride to just as easily as you can relate to. “#ThinkAboutItThursday” might be the most well produced track on #NoDaysOff.

The project features C-Tr3 on “#NoTransformationTuesdayz”, one of the stand out tracks. That being the only feature, a majority of #NoDaysOff showcases FreddyING’s lyrical abilities, and he can sang! Comprised of topics from unrelenting motivation, persistence and of course some fun, let loose tracks- this short project is very well rounded.

All the tracks are important to the cohesive nature of #NoDaysOff but the Young Jeezy inspired “#MotivationMonday” and aforementioned “#NoTransformationTuesdayz” are definitely stand out tracks.

Look for another project from FreddyING in next month as well as some shows in January. Until then, stream #NoDaysOff, below.

Listen: FreddyING – #NoDaysOff