Alchemist - Jabroni f. The Migos, Mac Miller

We can blame Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a number of things, most especially being one of the most charismatic – or, in his own words, “the most electrifying” – superstars in the WWE and sports entertainment in general. It’s because of The Rock that a number of choice phrases became popular vernacular. “Laying the smack down on (one’s) candy ass,” for example, or “smelling what The Rock is cooking.” But it’s The Rock’s go-to insult of choice, “jabroni,” that allowed many ’80s babies to mock their friends on the playground.

Producer The Alchemist channeling The Rock on his latest single, “Jabroni,” isn’t surprising. What might take listeners aback, however, is who Alan The Chemist brings together on the track, by combining two opposite forces in the Migos and Mac Miller. Serving as the lead single off Alchemist’s upcoming limited series project, Craft Singles, “Jabroni” certainly carries with it the same stadium-music bombast that WWE composer Jim Johnston employed in many a grappler’s theme song. Mac, Quavo, and Takeoff play off each other quite well, with a number of wrestling-inspired references, for just over three minutes, and it’s hard to not to imagine yourself marching down the ramp towards the ring with “Jabroni” playing in the background and your face displayed on the Titantron.

Stream the Migos & Mac Miller collab “Jabroni” down below. The Chemist’s vinyl-only Craft Singles series is set to drop later this year.