The greatest national treasure at the moment (The New Day) has done multiple local morning news spots in order to promote the power of positivity. They’ve also decided to battle the one thing that is sweeping America by storm, Patti LaBelle’s now viral worthy Patti’s Pies. How crazy is the love for Patti’s Pies? You can’t buy them in Wal-Mart, because they’re sold out and they’re going for almost $50 on eBay. That’s right, a pie. All thanks to one viral video of a man who not only tried the pie and raved about it with gospel antics, but because Patti LaBelle called the man up and thanked him for his review.

Now, Patti’s Pie Reviews are about to become an even bigger thing and who better than The New Day to taste test the pie for themselves on live TV? Thanks to Studio 62 in Carolina on Monday, we got our wish.

Not since The Rock made pie a euphemism for vaginas has wrestling and pies made such a strong connection. The New Day are able to get rare things, right? Next week on RAW, they’re going to show up and eat Patti’s Pie, consume all the thousand of calories and play the trombone while delivering a eulogy to Kofi Kingston for almost developing the itis.

You can catch the full interview below. Now here’s what eventually will be said about the pie — that they give you booty.