J-DaVeY - LiteWaitLIFE_cover

UPDATE: Jack & Brook have made their #LITEWAITLIFE EP available for retail as of Friday, January 15th. You can grab it off iTunes now.

Is this real life? Are we really, like forreal, forreal getting TWO releases from J*DaVeY in the same year? There was a time when the duo of Brook D’Leau and Ms. Jack Davey let plenty of time lapse between their projects (the quality, of course, never fell off much at all). But admittedly, even though J*DaVeY released their POMP EP this past May, even that felt like so long ago.

On Tuesday night, after a series of cryptic tweets bearing the hashtag “#LITEWAITLIFE” began trickling out of J*DaVeY’s Twitter account – most of which were accompanied with poignant quotes and stirring pictures – J*DaVeY revealed what many had already secretly hoped: that it wasn’t just a hashtag or a social media movement, but brand new tunes from the anti-genre duo.

Call it Christmas in November.

Four tracks in length and an amalgamation of unique sounds that only J*DaVeY could bring together, LiteWaitLife signals the return of one of modern music’s most underappreciated groups to the forefront. The EP starts on a high, with the frantic and pulsating “Outburst” (maybe the closest thing to “hip-hop” the entire project comes to, with Brook D’Leau trading bars with Jack and the latter vocalizing on the hook). “Outburst” gives way to the absolutely infectious “YOY,” which is an obvious throwback to ’90s R&B. The high then comes down on the smooth “Center of the Earth,” an ethereal EDM slow jam that drones and seduces. And just when it seems to be over, Brook and Jack get their gangsta on with the trap-music-meets-syrup-drippin’ “Leashes.”

With Thanksgiving just a week away, it’s certainly no stretch to call new J*DaVeY something to be thankful for. In Brook and Jack’s own words, they’re letting listeners “eat life.” Get your #LITEWAITLIFE by streaming the duo’s latest below.