Hot Peez is in a celebratory mood. You can do that when you’ve put on one of the better live concerts in the city of Houston this year.

Part reminder of the potency that is Peez’s lauded White Hall LP and part declaration that the New Orleans-bred but Houston-residing emcee isn’t going anywhere any time soon, Hot Peez’s new visuals for his “Go Get Her” track are a stark contrast to his last video. Where “Be With You” was coloured with disloyalty and concluded with an air of uncertainty, “Go Get Her” is much more relaxed and upbeat.

Recruiting DJ Tazer of Noteworthy Films behind the lens, Peez posts up in a hotel for the weekend with a lovely lady. The rapper shows his more debonair side in “Go Get Her,” donning a suit and charming his lady friend (that by the way, is Kyra Carlile, who apparently kills it on Instagram even more than she does poolside in the video). There’s absolutely no pressure. But we really need a .gif of Hot Peez jigging in his robe ASAP.

“Go Get Her” appears on Hot Peez’s White Hall LP, available now on iTunes.