Eryn Allen Kane - Aviary_cover

“I would like to share a bit of my purpose with you…”

Less than 24 hours ago, Eryn Allen Kane posted a “letter” to her fans and listeners on Twitter. It served as part honest admission and part announcement – on the one hand, it was intended to remind everyone that her debut EP, Aviary, would be touching down on Tuesday. On the other hand, it presented an honest glimpse into the Detroit singer’s heart and mind.

Truth be told, we’ve always known Eryn Allen Kane would be something special. Though some were introduced to the singer once she was tapped by Prince for his “Baltimore” tribute track, Kane seized our ears first with her soul-gospel track “Have Mercy.” Today, Kane liberates Aviary: Act I, her debut EP. Though Aviary is nothing new – three of the project’s four songs were previously released – it presents at the least an opportunity to get better acquainted with one of the most stirring voices in contemporary R&B.

Aviary’s artwork depicts Kane as a caged bird. Whether the cage is one Eryn has created for herself or representative of others’ attempts to confine or box her in, is left up to individual interpretation. But Aviary, most certainly, is the songbird spreading her wings.

“Bass Song” starts out with just Eryn and her guitar, before introducing horns and pianos for a jazz feel. The acoustic guitar-driven “Slipping” fits perfectly just before “Piano Song” – which initially premiered on BET’s Gabrielle Union-starring series Being Mary Jane – closes things out, as a sort of contrast to “Bass Song” by feeling much more bluesy and melancholy, especially once Eryn’s voice glides atop and between drums and crashing cymbals.

At just over sixteen minutes in length, Aviary: Act I is fulfilling but somehow incomplete. And perhaps that, is what’s most intriguing about the project: in Eryn’s own words, the EP is merely “an appetizer,” with “the main course” – what can be assumed to be the singer’s as-yet-untitled debut album – coming next January.

Stream Eryn Allen Kane’s debut EP Aviary: Act I for yourself down below. Aviary is out now on iTunes.