I’ve jokingly compared this year’s Election Cycle to that of a number of things, mainly pro wrestling and the rap world. Wrestling because there’s no other form of entertainment on Earth where you’re going to see people dressed in tacky suits stand on a impromptu stage and try to convince people to like them and rap because, rap is closer to wrestling than anything else. So, when comparing political candidates to rappers, the only person who seemed to have a strong sense on who matched up with who is Hannibal Buress.

Partnering with Fusion, Buress calmly matched each 2016 Presidential hopeful with any ounce of believability. The one dead giveaway? Hannibal matched himself with Dr. Ben Carson. Why? Because according to Hannibal, Ben Carson jacked his entire style from the squinty eyes to the delivery. We need a diss track from Hannibal Buress to Ben Carson only for the jokes about Klingon Black Jesus. Yes, that is a thing in Ben Carson’s house.