Judging by the first two releases from The Outfit, TX’s upcoming Down By The Trinity, the centralized theme of it is going to be nothing short of anger and rage. “Working Title” for example was crafted over a year ago at Mel & Dorian’s favorite creative spot — Mel’s Granny’s House. We’ll let Mel, the great Southern orator that he is, speak on the creation of the track.

Once we started getting the beat going that first night at Granny House, we conversed about it having a demented, possessed kinda feel about it. This was in mid-August of 2014, in the midst of the Michael Brown murder and subsequent violence in Ferguson, so we were full of rage and hatred.

So, “Working Title” literally takes the thoughts and mindframe of Jack Torrance from The Shining, combines it with the sludge, paranoia and fear of being not only a black man in Dallas but a black man in America and stirs it all together for one loud, abrasive Southern rap track. Stream “Working Title” from The Outfit, TX below. Their brand new album, Down By THe Trinity arrives next week, November 18th.