If you see Uncle Drew around, it means Kyrie Irving can’t be too far behind. Ever since the former Duke product and current Cleveland Cavalier point guard entered the NBA, he’s had his own signature character for Pepsi, a septuagenarian baller who can still rain down buckets on people. Uncle Drew’s had plenty of friends to help spread the message, from Kevin Love to Bill Russell. Now Drew’s getting called out, and he’s got a rep to protect.

Irving wrote and directed the latest Uncle Drew ad for Pepsi which features JB Smoove playing an antagonizer, Baron Davis in a Hoveround making sure he does his best Coming To America barbershop impersonation and the “is-he-or-is-he-not” retired Ray Allen as Walt, the current Miami playground king with arguably the purest shot on the court.

The commercial opens with a hat tip to Irving’s real-life recovery from a broken kneecap he sustained during the 2015 NBA Finals. “Basketball is a physical game,” Uncle Drew narrates to begin the Pepsi spot. “You’re going to take hits. The question is, how do you bounce back? How do you get stronger? Passion. Discipline. Fundamentals. Got that, youngbloods? Good. Now let’s go to work.”

Early estimates post-surgery had Irving returning to the court in three to four months but now those estimates have Kyrie returning to the court in early January. It’s not as if Cleveland needs to rush him back anytime soon. He can still look like Laurence Fishburne in Higher Learning on the sideline while the Cavs rip off seven straight wins following an opening season loss to Chicago. So, watch Uncle Drew go to work, keep beginning for Jesus Shuttlesworth to give us one last season and be happy that Baron Davis literally made himself into a cartoon character for this.