Last year we were introduced to Daniel Caesar, a 19-year-old child of the church who became a man with each new release. He released his swelling Praise Break EP last October and more than a year later the Canadian singer is preparing to step forward once more. Pilgrim’s Paradise, his sophomore released figures to find a teenage boy running towards the city with big dreams and bigger, classical ideas.

One of the cuts from Pilgrim’s Paradise is “Streetcar”, an elegant take on Kanye West’s 2008 deep cut (and probably my favorite emo moment of ’08) “Streetlights”. When it was left in the hands of West, “Streetlights” was vulnerable, sullen and perfect lonely boy music. Caesar’s “Streetcar” builds from a worthwhile falsetto and piano combination to a damn tearjerker, as the guitars and drums just add to an avalanche of emotions. See, there’s going to be a lot of revisionist history about 808s & Heartbreak once it turns 10 in a couple of years but for now, enjoy Daniel Caesar’s “Streetcar” and try your best not to cry.