On Tuesday afternoon, Reagan Gomez released episode six of her budding science-fiction inspired webseries SURVIVING. It’s surreal to imagine that six weeks have passed since the actress-director-producer first unveiled it to the general public; and still more surreal that Gomez has managed to make viewers so invested in her characters and mission (to produce a science-fiction/horror-based product that prominently featured Black characters).

Apparently, last week’s episode was just a taste of how capable Shayla and Lucy are at defending themselves, as episode six of SURVIVING has them taking a “pit stop” at the training grounds where their father seemingly taught them both a little something. They’ve also taken Evan (the young man from Episode 1 who was found to be working with Agent Juarez) hostage. Evan might well know a lot more than he’s let on, and episode six’s cliffhanger suggests that Shayla intends to get that information out of him by any means.

Episode six is also a nice break from the tension and frantic pace dominating the last few episodes. Although the two sisters are still on the run, Shayla and Lucy’s sparring together, hunting together, and their conversations suggest a strengthening of the bond between them. Again, Gomez’s writing deserves credit for establishing two Black women protagonists who are far from damsels in distress and very much battle-ready. Gomez said she wanted to break down stereotypes and this episode just drives the point home (Dirty Pretty Thangs’ “Black Girls Are Magic” movement also gets a low-key shoutout in Episode 6, by way of Lucy’s hoodie).

Watch the latest episode of SURVIVING for yourself, up top. Reagan Gomez and her RGP Productions crew are still raising money to go towards SURVIVING’s second season; and you can contribute to the cause by donating here.